Solaray Cranactin & Mannose


Solaray® D-Mannose with CranActin ® contains D-mannose , a simple sugar that consists of large molecules to a small extent be taken up in the body’s bloodstream. Therefore, D-mannose acts primarily locally in the urinary tract, where the molecules of this particular sugar act as a “magnet” on unwanted particles and help to excrete them through the urine.

The product also contains the specially treated Cranberry AF ™ extract, which has been tested for guaranteed active ingredient content. Cranberries are traditionally used for light bladder catarrh and preventive in recurring conditions.

D-Mannose contributes with the Cranberry AF ™ extract and it is the combination of these two that makes the product extra effective. The combination seems both preventive and acute, and the product is particularly preferred in recurring conditions.

D-mannose is a type of sugar that has little effect on blood sugar.

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