Romega herring eggs capsules


Romega is a unique diet supplement made from herring eggs.

Romega is the product for you who are concerned about quality, a healthy and healthy everyday life and good health. The nutrients from this source are among the purest known and are 100% natural. The special thing about Romega caviar oil is that it forms phospholipid with its own fatty acid profile, which is absorbed faster in the body than traditional omega-3 products do.

Romega caviar oil contains herring extract and is rich in the important omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. In Romega, DHA is bound to phospholipids, which is the same natural form of DHA found in the brain, heart and eye. This bond strengthens the effect of the product. Herring roe extract contributes to good functioning of the brain, heart, joints, liver, eyesight and skin.

At Haukeland Hospital, a large clinical study is now being done in relation to the use of Romega for psoriasis patients. A November 2018 study showed that patients taking herring oil capsules had their psoriasis symptoms attenuated.

The product has no aftertaste of fish. Gluten-free and lactose-free.
The capsules are made of gelatin from cattle.

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