GPH Mariatistel


Solaray GPH Mariatistel extract contains a guaranteed amount of bioflavonoid silymarin in each capsule. Marjoram thistle can be good for restless stomachs, especially for discomfort caused by heavy, high fat meals, as the herb can help promote normal bile secretion. Mariatistel can appear slightly laxative and can enhance the liver’s detoxification capacity. The herb is a good antioxidant that can protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress and free radicals. The combination of properties makes the product suitable for supporting a liver and bile. Mariatistle seed contains silymarin which is an active complex consisting of several flavonoids.

The product contains both dried maria thistle seeds and a standardized extract (GPH) of maria thistle seeds with a guaranteed content of silymarin. Mariatistel belongs to the basket plant family (Compositae) and is originally from the Mediterranean. Historically, the herb has been most commonly used as a remedy for the liver, but also much as a laxative, against varicose veins and light headaches.

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